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Striking Entry Doors for Milwaukee Homes

What do you see when you’re coming up your front walkway after a long day at work? Perhaps you’re too busy digging for keys to pay much attention. Next time, take a good look at your entry door. It’s a prominent feature of your Milwaukee house and one of the first things your guests notice. To make a simple but effective upgrade to your home’s appearance, consider an exterior door replacement. Keystone Builders Inc. is the door contractor that can help you throughout the entire project, from selection to installation. Wood, steel and fiberglass are the main options and come in an amazing range of sizes and styles. Custom products are available if you want to make a distinctive statement. More than just a pretty face, new entry doors can provide enhanced security and energy efficiency. According to a 2015 National Association of Realtors® report, this upgrade can provide a fantastic return on investment should you sell your home.
Entry door

Choose the Custom Features to Fit Your Budget

Prices can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Our company will help you find the best choice for your needs and price range. Steel can be the most budget-friendly option with prices in the low hundreds. If you need to save money, this could be for you. Be mindful that steel is subject to dents and rust over time. If you have children or dogs, fiberglass may be a more cost-effective option. Initially more expensive, fiberglass lasts longer and doesn’t need repainting when compared to steel or wood. Its numerous color and finish options, including woodgrain, increase its appeal. In spite of its higher cost and care requirements, nothing parallels real wood. You may decide the added curb appeal is worth the additional investment in time and money.

Make Your Waukesha Home a Statement of Your Style

Refresh your home’s look. If you want to make upgrades to your Milwaukee or Waukesha home, including patio doors and siding replacement, call Keystone Builders Inc. at 414-778-1144.